'Nishijin' textiles feature two types of finishes. In the first type the textile is virtually completed as soon as weaving is done. OBI provide a good example of this style. The second type of finishing begins after weaving is compleated, as in the case of OMESHI NO SHIBODASHI and velvet SENGIRI textiles.

13.Final Processing
One type of finishing begins to be steamed after weaving is done, as in the case of OMESHI.Steaming the finishing gives a special 'feel.'
14.Velvet SENKIRI Textiles
One finishing (velvet) is woven with the warp (double yarn) and the wire woof after virtual weaving is completed. Then the upper warp on the wire woof is cut and the velvet becomes nappy. We call the nappy velvet 'velvet SENKIRI textile.'