preparation of materials
Preparing the necessary threads for weaving on the powerlooms. Yarn dying is done at this stage.

In this process, small threads are twisted together to make the yarn. The diameter of the yarn varies depending on the use, and yarns are twisted in various ways to create different effects.
6. Dyeing Yarn
The dyeing of yarns, along with creating the design, is one of the most important stages in Nishijin weaving. Yarns are dyed into the colors required for each design. Many dyes are still made with plant pigments.
7.Yarn rolling
Yarn just removed from the dying reel is called 'KASA'. It is then fit onto yarn frames for easy handling during warping and weaving.
8.Warp thread arrangement
A Nishijin weave typically consists of 3,000 to 8,000 different warp threads. During this process, the warp threads are counted and cut into measured lengths.