planning and making mon
Planning the most basic designs and structures of the textile (combining of the warp and woof) preparing the design sheet which guides the design structure during weaving.

Creating the proper design is the first, and perhaps the most critical, step in making Nishijin weaves. Designs are prepared based on traditional patterns adapted to modern sensibilities.
2.MON design template
Once the design is created, it is enlarged and copied to a template. The actual process of weaving, including the colors to be used, is based on this template. It is so to speak, the blueprint for the textile.
3.MON engraving
Based on the MON design template, a mon engraving providing the loom with instructions on movement of warp threads is prepared.
4.Creation of computer graphic
Recently, the trend has been to cumputerize the steps after the making of the MON design template. A design is turned into a computer graphic, and a computer sends weaving instructions to a Jacquard loom.