The process of manufacturing - nishijin textile
Modern Technology at the Service of Traditional TechniqueThe processes of Nishijin weaving.

The Nishijin style of weaving uses yarn dyeing, in which yarns of various colors are woven to make patterns. This technique is both time-consuming and labor intensive compared to other techniques, but it is indispensable for creating the elaborate and gorgeous designs required for kimono fabric.

Yarn dyeing consists of many intermediate steps, each of which, in the Nishijin tradition, is undertaken by experienced specialists. While preserving its traditional skills, however, the industry has been quick to adopt such innovations as process mechanization and computer control to help reduce costs. In this way, the modern Nishijin industry continues to provide beautiful hand-woven fabrics, while bringing the pleasure of Nishijin textiles to many more people than ever before.

Planning and making MON Preparation of materials
preparation of powerlooms